Phi Mu

Muhlenberg College

– Phi Kappa –


Sisterhood in Phi Mu is of the utmost importance. Just because we're a membership only organization does not mean that we're instantly bonded. It can be hard to get to know seventy new women on the first day, so cultivating our sisterhood gets to be really important. We want everyone to be comfortable in our organization. We want to embrace our similarities and our differences, and celebrate each other. Sisterhood means unwavering support for one another. It means we never judge or isolate one another, and we constantly encourage each other in our daily lives.

Part of what makes Phi Kappa's sisterhood so strong is the way we support each other. We are a very diverse group of women, from our majors to our activities to our religious views to our socioeconomic backgrounds. At any event a sister is a part of, you can find an audience of Phi Mu's cheering her on. We encourage our women to attend events beyond just the mandatory meetings, to get meals together and make more than just superficial connections. It's so refreshing to walk into the dining hall and see a group of Phi Mus eating together, enjoying each other's company because they want to, not because they have to. Even though sisterhood has never been mandatory, in Phi Mu it can always be found!

Some of our previous sisterhood events include:

  • Painting pottery
  • Movie Nights
  • Chapter Dinners
  • Photoshoots
  • ...and so much more!!