Phi Mu

Muhlenberg College

– Phi Kappa –

Executive Committee

Grace Wright


Class of 2021 Major: Accounting and Finance Goals: "To increase positive communication among chapter members" Favorite Phi Mu Memory: "Going to Officer Academy!" Email:

Sarah Cehelyk

Vice President

Class of 2022 Major: Psychology // Minor: Women and Gender Studies Goals: "To make Phi Mu a space where everyone feels included, welcomed and valued!" Favorite Phi Mu Memory: "Finding out that Robyn was my big at big-little reveal!" Email:

Zoe Bentley

Phi Director

Class of 2021 Major: Theatre and Music Goals: "I really want to work towards building a welcoming environment and encouraging new members to consider how they may shape their environment in order to create a Phi Mu they will be proud of when they graduate." Favorite Phi Mu Memory: "Bid Day and grabbing lunch with my Pham after initiation!" Email:

Zoe Volchik

Recruitment Chair

Class of 2021 Major: Psychology // Minor: Public Health Goals: "I want to help grow the amazing sisterhood that we have! I want to lead all of my sisters through an amazing Formal Recruitment and enhance the membership that already exists. " Favorite Phi Mu Memory: "Big/Little Reveal as a big!" Email:

Amy Attias


Class of 2022 Major: Accounting Goals: "My goals are to create an effective budget for the 20-21 school year and keep all members informed of the chapters finances." Favorite Phi Mu Memory: "My favorite phi mu memory is big little reveal! My big is an amazing mentor and role model to me and I am so lucky to know her!" Email:

Lexi Franquiz


Class of 2022 Major: Theatre and Music Goals: "Make sure I'm always challenging myself" Favorite Phi Mu Memory: "Big/Little Reveal!!" Email:

Sarah Levine

Philanthropy Chair

Class of 2022 Major: Theatre and Business Goals: "Enrich the chapter’s definition of service" Favorite Phi Mu Memory: "I like the little moments every day when I get to hang out with my lovely sisters at couches ❤️" Email:

Katie Behling

Academic Excellence Chair

Class of 2022 Major: Media and Communications // Minor: Creative Writing Goals: "To make sure everyone in Phi Mu has a fun, fulfilling, and successful semester, and that I do as well!" Favorite Phi Mu Memory: Big/Little Reveal!! It was so fun to see everyone pair up with their bigs! Email:

Bari Dershowitz

Director of Harm and Risk Prevention

Class of 2021 Major: Theatre and Psychology Goals: "To be proactive!" Favorite Phi Mu Memory: "Hugging my little officially for the first time!" Email:

Sophia Johnson-Grimes

Panhellenic Representative

Class of 2021 Major: Theatre // Minor: Creative Writing Goals: "Make every moment matter!" Favorite Phi Mu Memory: "Bid Day!!" Email:

Jillian Puvogel

Panhel Delegate

Class of 2022 Major: Media & Communications and Psychology Goals: "To create a sense of unity within the Greek Life community" Favorite Phi Mu Memories: "Getting to meet all my sisters on Bid Day!" Email: